Sunday, July 21, 2013


I finished up my latest S.W.A.P. scarf this evening. Here's what I've made for S.W.A.P. so far.

The slip stitch hat is from this pattern, and the scarf is adapted from it as well. It's a gorgeous pattern, especially in the kitchen cotton ombres, although it takes a while to knit up. The pink and blue scarf is a simple lengthwise garter scarf.

Now that I've wrapped up the latest scarf, I'm starting Om Nama Shiyava Yoga Mat Bag, which has a really fantastic lace pattern in it that, to quote the author, resembles Downward Facing Dog. I'm using Bernat Baby Sport Ombre (ommmmbre *ba dum ching!*) in Rain Drops, aka pretty much my favorite yarn ever.


I didn't want to use anything with too much color, but the little pops are just enough, I think. Hopefully it'll be a quick knit so I can take it to yoga class soon.

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